Asleep yet Awake

After finding the various strands of bad Qi and their roots, balance is almost restored, there only one remains, the feeling of guilt still hangs in the air.

With restless sleep comes another new perception, it allows a glimpse in to the world of those who can never find rest and silence their minds. It exaggerates even the smallest thought or emotion creating a heavy burden, living like this is a fate some people suffer with the saddest part being they feel they  to suffer alone.

We all have our crosses to bare, some are larger than others and will make us fall to our knees. Unable to stand, some stay pinned refusing help because they feel the need to struggle alone whether they have the strength to stand again or not.

It is not weak to ask for help, nor is it selfish to want happiness.

Sometimes the simple fact of knowing help is there will be enough for people to stand again, for others they might need a helping hand and there is no shame in that, we can’t do everything alone no matter how hard we try.