An Unexpected Visitor.


“It seems the web that was spread over so many, the web that influenced their actions is breaking apart and the truth is slowly coming to light.”

Each day I find myself writing more and more, words flow without any control from my consciousness. Sometimes I awaken in the middle of the night and write only to wake in the morning without recollection, only the writings that lay before me.

Sitting in my usual place I watch the world go by seeing everything that transpires, I watch the smiles of people both real and fake as they go about their lives. I often find myself in deep thought at times like these, today I was deep in thought reading and I hear a voice, “excuses me, it’s you isn’t it?”.

Looking up I see a face unknown to me and yet somehow familiar, her eyes brought back a memory long since forgotten.

“Yes it is” I answered, “Lumina” introduces herself and I look on with a smile and ask how I can help, then she says one thing and suddenly the penny drops and I know who she is.

We sit and talk and she explains how she feels about the actions of “April” that have caused me so much pain, apologising and thanking me for being there the choices I made, saying words that could have come from the very past itself “I can see through her just as you can, her smile is not real anymore” I agree, I begin to stare into the distance not a feeling stirring… nothing, just an emptiness in my heart from a past I have banished from my mind.

It would seem the concern from her family almost rivalled my own, from what I was told she was now safe, broken but safe.

I decide to tell her about how “Jay” sent me various messages and also asked me to contact him if “April” ever tried to make contact with me. I could see a look of anger descend in her eyes. We talk more and then we are joined by a friend of mine, “Lumina” stands to take her leave, as she does I extend a parting hug and she leaves.

Why is it now no matter how much I look away my head is being pulled into the direction of what I have tried so hard to forget….

“I wonder with all that has come to light will I get one more person approach me? I guess time will tell”