The wisdom of madness

Jim Carrey is a hot topic it seems.

Many say he has gone mad, others see it as he’s removed the veil of false images in life and is now seeing things in the way many hope to.

It’s funny that people are so quick to focus on everyone else, how everyone else sees the world and in turn how the world sees them, yet no one ever wants to look in the mirror and see themselves.

Distraction is the main medication for the world.

People would rather look elsewhere for answers or things to keep their attention away from a truly scary place, their own mind.

Is there anything scarier than being alone in complete silence with nothin but your thoughts?

Not those that use conjure up to break the silence in your mind, I mean the ones that lurk deep down and reveal the truths you don’t want to accept because it shows you just how much of a shitty person you really are.

That last part was a bit harsh and not true for everyone, I apologise.

It’s certainly true for me, maybe it’s true for you as well, I don’t know and truth be told I won’t ever know, only you will know and you may share that info you may not, either way it’s none of my concern.

I remember the first time I started writing a terrible blog.

It was quite cringe worthy, yet at the time it offered a release, however when I read back through I can see it was nothing more than a pitiful endeavour to win back a lost prize, sickening really.

To fall that low in ones own self pity and become so desperate is just embarrassing, however it’s something I will admit because it was quite an eye opening experience.

Keep that in mind, I feel at first we must go mad to learn something about ourselves, about who we really are, all our flaws, everything. Why deny what is essentially us, apart from for the conservation of our pride or ego, maybe our social standing, it doesn’t matter because if thats the case then you’re leading a life based on false ideals and the beliefs of others.

There is a reason people have a mid-life crises, or question their identity. They’ve spent so long living as someone else, they don’t know any different, is it any wonder the world is filled with confused unhappy people seeking the next quick fix or distraction.

It’s not to me.

To admit your own process of thought, honestly, without filter, it’s scary.

It’s liberating.


Humanities Debt

Do you ever wonder what’s going to happen when everything we have finally runs out?

The fuels we burn at alarming rates

The forests we destroy in the thousands to replace with our concrete jungles

The fish in the sea we push to extinction because we don’t care, we just want our abundance of them

While this will mostly likely not affect me, you, your kinds or even your grandchildren, it will hit us in the end however knowing that fact means that the people not h world as it is now will continue to be frivolous because it won’t have any really effect on the now.

What a selfish species we are.

Even though we’ve created so much and continue to do great things in some regards, we’re doing it at a large cost to the future.

Struggle as the echo-warriors do, they won’t change anything because while any would support the righteousness of their desire for a better world, they wound’t support if, not really.

If you were to ask people to give up their lives of comfort and return to the stone age as it were, to a time where everyone had to work in synergistic harmony with one another they’d fight to keep their creature comforts, people who have power only fear one thing – losing that power.

To keep their privilege and inherited success they’d watch us all burn.

Kings, Queens, Warlords, anyone of any significance has proven this fact time and again, if you look back as the  version history we’re allowed to remember you’ll see as much is true.

In that knowledge I know the world will never change, it will only break, well, potentially break.

I can’t see in to the future, however if I could live forever I’d be interested to see what the seeds of our own greed sown in today sprout in the days of tomorrow.

One day humanity will fall, then and only then will our dept be paid.

To know

To know peace you must first know war

To know freedom you m out first know slavery

To know something you must first understand it’s opposite

Two sides to every coin

Two sides to everything

One place to know it all

To know this you must also know there’s always a third side