It won’t be long before this place is nothing more than a fleeting thought and it’s fair to say I’m more than ready to see the back of it.

There are plenty who have become to entrenched here that they will never leave and while it has everything you need on a base level of survival, it’s got nothing to help you grow of make you move forwards.

I will bid them all farewell with a smile because I’ve had enough, its time to go.

What a waste

As a child you’re told to follow your dreams of the impossible and shoot for the stars, be all you can be

As ¬†teenager you’re told to grow up and be realistic, dreams are for kids

As an adult you’re told to get a stable job, to settle down, to have kids

As a parent you’re telling your kids to dream, only for you to later crush that dream as your parents did to you

As a person you’ve come full circle and realise you wished you’d lived your dreams from when your were a child that you never did

As a life lived, you’ve wasted it.