Apparently everyone has a twin.

From what I saw today there is certainly some truth to that statement.

Her face, it had the same lines, each time I traced them over and over again in my mind they become harder to forget and who ever this was toady, hers matched in a near effect fit.

Those eyes, how two people can have those same eyes. Strong yet vulnerable, coy but filled with passionate desire, no two people should have eyes like that.

It’s a strange feeling, I thought it was her, staring at me link she never even knew me, what told me it wasn’t her was the voice that replied when I said hello, this girls was much softer, more innocent and not yet jaded.

I smiled, one of those smiles of solace and wished her farewell and to have a pleasant day.

All she did was smile back as she left.

Makes you wonder how many more doppelgängers are out there. .


Times change

People stay the same

Relics of the past in a modern ear

Struggling to fit in to this modern tapestry

Looking for purpose

Failing spectacularly

More loss

Many thoughts and prayers

Once again written on social media

Proving that we care

Or is it simply following the crowd

A wounded nation

Once great and proud

Now scared like a child that wet the bed

A man once said, they’d never listen until these streets finally bled

Looks like he was right.