Stained Glass

Life is merely perception
Like a stained glass window
Life is easily shattered, still beautiful though.

What animal would you be?

Most people say a bird
To fly, be free, to go anywhere would be their dream
Of course they can do this already as a human, they just don’t
People like the idea of freedom more than the reality
Secretly we like our gilded cages
Our routine life
It’s safety
Well, everyone except Vegans, they’d probably want to come back as a plant or some shit.

Old Racist

Today I felt sad

An old man stumbled in to my path

Lost, confused, scared

Filled with such hate

Hat for people who’ve done him no wrong

Screaming “This is my country”

To see such a thing was hard

He isn’t long for this world

I pray he doesn’t leave it like this

Lost, scared and confused.