Can you feel it?

Lush green now has a hint of autumn red creeping through
Illuminated by a cloudless sky
The summer tries desperately to hold on
Try as it might it’s dance is over, it’s been over for a while
Now there is just the lingering remanence of what was
A new day approaches with a brisk chill and refreshing hue
Embrace what is to come instead of holding on to what is done.


Lingering Poem

A mind you become obsessed in understanding
Eyes you can get lost in while you lose yourself
Lips more tempting to kiss than ones will can handle
They’re often everything you want, not what you need

Thrice this life has given me this
Each time leaving me to choose want and desire
Will this time be different or much of the same as before

When asked to what was once a heart on a spike it was done
Time and again it was left to wither and rot

Perhaps it’s time for the dreamer to finally wake up and stop dragging those whoa re more they he deserves into the nightmare called ‘his life’…. Yea, maybe this time it will be different, right?


The scariest thing in life isn’t being known as a failure
Nor is it being heated for your success
It’s being thought of as a fraud, a fake, not a real….

No fate is worse than that of the imposter

So do what you do because it’s true and just
Try to live the life where you tell no lies

Live up to your own ideals and do everything you can, even if it seems that it’s not enough

Don’t fear a hard life or constant struggle, embrace it and live as the life of you that is if known for nothing else other than it was true.