Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
And become incinerated by its immense heat because it’s ¬†god damn star!


All the way

Fresh, bitter & chilling
Step after step we proceed
Boney fingers gently placed on my shoulder
Silent, eyes forwards, stoic, like before
Maybe this time, yes this time
We’ll go all the way

Where thoughts roam

Do you spend a lot of time thinking?

I do, too much some would say.

Free from distraction, all thought can flow.

The logical, the illogical, the passionate, the destructive, every and all thought is free to roam and settle where it sees fit.

Allowing each to play out, it’s something that is both a blessing and a curse at times.

Knowing, yes, knowing.



Coffee & Crashing

That could have been it…

My Magnum Opus.

Its flow was ethereal.

The words touched upon another level and told my true story in between the lines.

Me, it was me, everything I had to give was there.

Bless this world for crashing my Mac at just the right time so I’d lose it all.

Truly, thank you.

Now this is all that’s left, a memory of what it was, to recreate it was impossible.

The possession was over as quickly as it came, so now that is lost forever.

It was my Magnum Opus, you believe me, right?