Just a game you can’t win

You can’t win at life

Not really

It’s not like your prize will be immortality

Even if it was, you’d have no clue what to do with it

Life’s just a game you can’t win



Drama drama drama

It’s funny how people create their own drama because of how bored they are with their life.

Now there are genuine times in peoples lives where they do struggle and you can normally tell when this is happening, how? Because they don’t shout and scream about it.

The modern generation of “Ugh, I can’t even. What a twat, Im so angry” and the classic responses or “OMG babe, what’s up, PM me? – what utter bollocks.

If the shit hit the fan in your life I can guarantee you won’t want people knowing about it, these needless cries for attention are pathetic and can actually detract from those who genuinely need help.

What a terribly self-centred species we’ve become.

Of course my little rants are only my own views and I expect nothing to come of them for the simple fact that I don’t care enough about the masses to help them out of their own self-indulgent mess.

Rant over.





The 15th of December is going to be a good day.
It’s safe to say Star Wars was a pretty big influence in my life growing up.
The classic heroes journey.
To question a meaningless life, to happen across a wise old mentor, to find struggle and strife as the old is cast off for the new and finally to overcome what held back all that potential and succeed.
We’d all like to think we’re the hero of our own story.
How M Night Shyamalan would it be to find out that all this time you were actually the villain.
Now that would make for an interesting life indeed.