They’re Behind You

In this life of mine I’ve been exposed to the same lesson
You’ll find it sticking out of the middle of my back
Be careful though
There’s blood on it.

Character Select

Want to see the real person before you?

It’s had to know people,
We can pretend to be anyone
Choose a different character each day to play,

Unveil all…

Find something they hold dear and take it away,
Perhaps even destroy it,
The smiles and well wishing words will soon vanish,
Behold their true face,

This is the real person before you, not character they play.


Going down an escalator
White flora skit & top, blonde hair, sapphire eyes
Stood far closer than one would normally
Pressed against me
A turned head with a slight tilt and smile from ear to ear
The second escalator appears
Like the first their actions repeat
It felt like a beautiful trap
“What was that all about?”
“I just felt like it”
They goes right, I go left
What a weird dream…