You too huh?

I’m tired you know.

So very tired and yet all that will happen is a passing moment where I will talk myself down.

If you’re tired too, just know you’re not the only one and the moments will pass.



Why are you there?

Seeing you in a pace you’d never be
Watching you watching me
Then just before I leave you say something

“Don’t leave. Please don’t run away again.”

With sincerity in your eyes and a somber tone
You looked like you did that day
Even though this was only a dream
That look… It split me in half

People these days

I’m quite a patient person when all is said and done, however when someone decides to keep playing the fool eventually there will be consequences.

Being someone who if fully prepared to accept the consequences of may actions I know how far I will take things, thus it makes me wonder, are they prepared for it?

You may take from me little by little and continuously, however when I take from you it will be the one thing that breaks you in half.

We all have that evil side, I accepted my a long time ago. It saved my life, or in so much as it saved itself as well.

Do what you must just be sure it’s what you want for the price will be high.


Tap Tap

Time again to hear that gentle tapping at my bolted door
Tap tap tap, unrelenting until my head is sore
Endlessly pursued by this capricious whore
Take much already they have yet still the want more
A pound of flesh, a cup of sanity and pinch of soul from my very core
I wish to let the madness envelope me to charge head first in to this life time war