Psychic Social Media

Last night I dream of a distant family member.

His name, his families nor anyone remotely linked to them has been uttered by me in over a decade.

So this dream was strange in so much as he was there, with his new family & new wife.

They all got revealed in this dream, down to the last detail.

Today as if by comic coincidence, they all come up as suggested friends on social medias dominant force.

Beyond weird, yet if social media can predict such things based on words types, videos you may have liked & shared then that is impressive.

Or they can see your dreams somehow, which would also be impressive.

What a world we live in, right?

A Past Present

That didn’t feel like a dream.

It was more like a communication with someone else’s spirit from a time that is long gone yet still to play out.

The sort of thing that would cause  them to stop at that exact moment in a wondering state of déjà vu, it was too real to be simply a dream.

Among all that was said, that lingering will was still aware of what was yet still to be in their reality and through it all a warning was given with precise dates to them in the hope it’d perhaps avoid what was to come.

A clawing attempt at redemption or something else.

So strange.

So much honesty, words uttered that should have caused a wrenching pull in my chest instead felt serene.

Our dreams are very odd things indeed, yet when the light of day stirs and we come out them we can only accept what is, life is quite good at reminding us of that truth.

I’d be lying to say that most days I’d happily close my eyes to not have them open again.

Yet they will, day after day, until it’s all over.


Mist spanning across a peaceful field
How nice it would be to walk with
Once the sun begins to rise, and the mist disappears

The tired wish that it would invite me to do the same
Childish thought really
Once it clears, in the middle of the field I’d be

Forced once again o be resilient
Laden with regret as thought comes flooding back
Once again resilience is the only option, less human then before.

Pitch Forks & Torches

Sitting behind a screen watching the world descend into madness is easy.

For many it’s their first view of such things, forgetting the world outside of their world where bad things happen everyday.

To hear of the shock, horror and disgust some feel at what they’re seeing only reveals how long they’ve had their eyes closed, or at best averted from reality.

Seeing so many trying to do some good, to create a better world with their cause.


Many good causes get perverted. Well meaning messages manipulated. All fuel for their preferred pyre.

One day the mob will be outside, it is at that time you’ll realise it’s too late.

It was never about a cause for them, they just wanted anarchy.