Coloured Cyber Dystopia

There where 5 people in this dream, each wielding a weapon that manifested from what you might call their aura.

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green & Orange.

A classic sword that changed to become a whip was the gift to red.

Blue was something akin to a giant scythe with yellow sharing many similarities in manifestation with the only difference being smaller and dual wielding.

Green got what can only be described as a space aged hammer the was oddly shaped like a key.

Orange, now she got the strongest of the bunch, one that controlled time, void, space and could be anything the weirder chose, plus it was the original that gave birth to all the others.

Never before have I had such a commanding control over flight in a dream, at least not in this present decade.

It all took place in a modern world of cybernetic dystopia while also having lingering elements of what would be considered medieval traditions and feel from the castles that seemed to littler the technological landscape. A very random place.

One specific part that sticks out was coming across an extra weapon wielder, with with can only be described as a metallic piranha squid hybrid. I didn’t see who this was, yet distinctly remember odd manifestation being absorbed back into ‘the Orange’, yet it was done out of the sight of the rest.

As battles took place and many a victory was claimed secure walls and barriers became created, all with this orange essence fuelling them.

Then from out of nowhere it all started to crumble.

Something snapped, and who was once comrade was not the very real and present threat, yet with withdrawing all the power it came at the cost to the mysterious weapons too. Which it seemed began to grow dull and colourless, then to crumble away.

For some strange reason the chase began, yet it was hopeless, until some small remote of energy was found, reinvigorating some yet to what seemed to be an early incarnation, meaning that somewhere in this dream I’d seen how the weapons evolved.

It was like I’d lived an entire live separate from my own in this dream, with flash backs and memories of something that wasn’t real.

That’s all that managed to linger, yet I do wonder if it will be picked up again or not.

If more comes back I will add it where I can because there is a strong feeling that something was seen clear as day, a message that my mind has deliberately forgotten or blocked because a strangely calm air surrounds me.

What storm is approaching…

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