I dream of who I wish to be

A world of heroes, each unique and different with gifts meant to help those without them.

Watching from the gods eye view, seeing all the good they do, how I wished from watching here up high how that was me.

Then I blink, they all disappear, only regular people are left, plagued by disaster and those with gifts that chose to abuse the power they’d been given.

Walking through empty street after empty street, I’m no longer seeing it from the gods eye, I’m there in the ruins of what was, surrounded by people who remembered and the corpses of those who no longer thought at all.

Lingering purple embers little what is left of the modern metropolis.

I walk for what seems like an eternity, listening to all that people had lost, what they hoped to regain and saw the smiles of the patient few waiting for it all to become beautiful like it was once again.

A drip of water lands by my foot. Looking up, encased in a tidal wave they had returned, the heroes. I can feel myself smile and gaze upon them in awe wish the not so secret with that I was among them, that I too had purpose, was selfless and good.

Hundreds of thousands of them begin to stare, the, all with glorious battle cries, gifts in hand begin hurtling themselves inexorably towards something… Toward me.

Engulfed by the wave, surrounded by a nobel hoard, I erupt.

Surrounded by spiralling purple flames that reach deep into the heavens above & hell below.

These flames that have been in many a dream of late.

That is where my dream ends.

That is where my dream ends…