Going Nuts

Stuck in a time from a dream that wasn’t mine
Wasting not one second
Stood still memorising the lines on every face
Is this paranoia or something else.


Misery loves company
That’s what they say, right?

It’s true
People will drag you into their despair.

All because
They don’t want to suffer alone.

This is why
This is why they will drag you in, they want you to hurt too.

A pain shared isn’t a pain halved
It’s just pain.


Standing amidst this crumbling world
I smile
It was all my doing, all my own
Absolute control
Even though it rendered everything to nothing
It was all my doing, all my own
For it is better to destroy ourselves on our own terms than someone else’s

Once, twice, thrice
Again and again
My reunion

The face of my past facing my present smiling at my future
Same place
Same ruin

See you in three years