Melancholy Moments

It appears that I’ve slipped into a melancholy mindset once again.

Not wanting to do much of anything and generally harbouring a loathing for everything of late. Going around in circles, coming up against the same self inflicted issues, the ‘dreamer’ wants to give it all away, to take wash ones hands of everything entirely and escape.

All of this of course stems from my own view of myself,  projected onto the world.

To voice my words, to make them real.

What is it that stops me, that makes me so weak I can hardly speak.

I guess what is really needed is help, yet I won’t ask for it much like the rest of the fractured world. We’d rather suffer just to feel something than face the void of nothing.

Death & rebirth 

How many lives have we lead
Meeting the same souls in different bodies
That lingering familiarity of warmth
Fragmented memories in dreams
Snippets of scenes one before seen
I wonder if we’d already met
What happened last time
Is this time going to be any different
Changing the story of before
I wonder
How many lives have we lead

Unaware Loop

Footsteps heard that made no sound
A rainbow tunnel expanding before me
Run fast
I must catch who is at the end
Opening into a cloudless sky
Fingertips grasp away
Pull back, prepare
Throwing out my
Claws sinking in
To my neck from behind
All this time
Who I was chasing

A dream come full circle
From some 20 years ago
Everything exactly as it was

I stare at a younger self
Radiating with vibrant colour
He stare back at
The shadow that came
In the dream of which I was fully awake

All this time
All this time
I’ve been dreaming?