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People like halloween
It’s a chance to be something else
More than they are yet less then they could ever hope to be
We often talk of living our best lives
In reality that’s little more that ┬ápleasant lie

People like halloween
It’s a chance for a night to be absolutely free
No judgement, prejudice, segregation, rich or poor
Simply a place where we can just be

People like halloween
Especially people like me.


We can live a thousand different lives and fail in each and every one
Lifetimes of wisdom and experience at our disposal
Yet the same road we choose to walk
Each time hoping it will be different
Perhaps, one day….
Let us come together, live another thousand lifetimes, maybe we’ll find out that we fail in each and every one

It came from a mirrors refection in a dream

Honestly….. It’s time I grew up, and stopped hurting people
Hurting so many people
It’s my shame, my shady past that lingers, haunting me
At every turn I see a face that wept because of me
I didn’t care then, nor do I now, it’s just reminiscent self pity
We all make our choices, we all live with their consequences
Greed, lust and pride, oh how it helped me soar
Now though, no more
Honestly….. It’s time I grew up, and stopped hurting people

Where am I?

That was the strangest dream, surrounded by people I’d never met nor ever seen
Faces from a past I’d long forgotten, in this aged mind that is both sullied and rotten
Each shared a lesson they’d learned, all from a shared past where life took a nasty turn
That really was the strangest dream, will I ever know what each lesson really means?

Life must go on

Regardless of the choices we make in this life and for what reasons they were made, someone will feel put out because in our world it is just that, our world.

When our world isn’t as we envision a bitter taste is left behind, negative emotions fuel the now purple flame that replaced the one prior.

Rendering all asunder.