Life is more comedic tragedy than it is anything else,
Laugh or cry
Live of die
Either way, keep on smiling.


Are those tears?
Monsters don’t cry
Those are the tears of a frightened child long forgotten
You see the reason you became a monster
It was because when you where that child you couldn’t cry any more
All that was left was the bitterness, rage and disdain
Dry those eyes from the past
For I shall see you soon in the garden where it all began
My dear monster


Clueless caterpillar plucked off that leaf
What thoughts went through your mind as you’re carried off

Fear, panic, surprise, or nothing at all
Nature taking its course

To that no one cares
When each creature of nature does exactly what it does

Creatures is all we are too
Destroying people, animals, flowers, the world because that’s just what we do

I doubt that caterpillar thought about this as much as I have.

Can you feel it?

Lush green now has a hint of autumn red creeping through
Illuminated by a cloudless sky
The summer tries desperately to hold on
Try as it might it’s dance is over, it’s been over for a while
Now there is just the lingering remanence of what was
A new day approaches with a brisk chill and refreshing hue
Embrace what is to come instead of holding on to what is done.