Decade Dream Reborn

It’s been over a decade since last this happened
The fight never ending
Hoards of endless thoughts and past regrets
Unable to overcome or surpass them
In the distance I could see him
The one that started it all
Time stood still, my enemies froze
In this dream of mine I finally did it again
I took full control
No longer just there watching it play out
No longer only able to control a little here and there
No longer was the dream my prison
I took full control because this is my world
Casting off the invisible bindings
The ground beneath me began to sink
Exploding in to the sky and perching the clouds towards him
Faster than before
Stronger than before
I saw his face clear as my own reflection
“Time to wake up” he said
You won’t get away, not again
Tonight I’m coming for you
Tonight we end this.