The Void with an Iron Door

Each and every night I dream.

I haven’t experienced something like this for close to a decade, at least not in the sheer volume of late.

Every one has the sam underlying tone, familiar faces that I don’t know yet can’t seem to forget, consumed in the end always by purifying flames.

Knowing I’m asleep I mould the roads, opens all the doors in my way to find the the source of it all. Not changing the dream, just removing all obstacles.

Flight, speed, strength, weapons, whatever I need it can be summoned at my will.

To be asleep yet fully awake.

What does my subconscious want me to know. What does it want me to see?

Tonight I will delve once again in to the void past the violet flames, ignoring the leering eyes and stand before that iron door, tonight it has to fall, it must.


Who are you really?

I am no one.

I was born no one and I will die that very same way.

Over the course of my currently short life I have accomplished very little in all truth, small things here and there yet in thegranfd scheme of things they amount to nothing and once my eyes close never to open again and I fade to dust I will be forgotten.

In life I’m just another face in the crowd to many.

To others I was the arbiter of their pain and everything that was evil in their world.

Never was I anything good to anyone, nor did I really desire to be.

Greed was my governing sin, followed closely by pride, lust and wrath.

Regardless it doesn’t matter because in the end I will be nothing more than I currently am, nothing.

Oh Fallen One

Today I just can’t.

So it’s better to simply isolate myself from the world lest someone who doesn’t deserve the burnt of my irritability take it full force.

While I know what I’d like to do it’s just not viable.

Perhaps I shall pray to Satan and maybe the fallen angel who was also scorned will heed my call.