Be gone my past

I am the sins of my past
Fated to the folly of the my future
Greed forms my bones
Lust is my blood
I’ve suffered willingly the cuts of a thousand knifes
Pride as my spirit
Sloth forging my path
In the wake of my actions many have been caught
Wrath is my shield
Gluttony in the void demanding more

Leaving ugly little envy all alone without a place for that is the one sin that will never control me again.

Youth, Wisdom & Time

The saying “Youth is wasted on the young” has always fascinated me.

While you can see the logic in it, perhaps there is a counter saying that the young can use in retort.

“Wisdom is wasted on the wise.”

Simply because wise people are often those who’ve had life experience of some substantial amount, because we can’t gain the experience of being middle aged without falling in line somewhat chronologically.

Even when given all the opportunity to learn form our seniors, the message doesn’t quite sink in like it should.

This becomes more apparent as the words I heard close to two decades ago now finally make sense. While they were shared to help me avoid a pitfall or two, I was too young to really know, and now I’m too old to take it back, aha what a glorious life this is.

A fools errand I will gladly take because a wise fool such thing does make.

The World of ‘One Up’

Notre Dame burns down and people are already butt hurt and saying that it’s nothing compared to a rainforest.

Then we will have people saying the rainforest fires are nothing compared to something else.

Then that something else will be nothing compared to another thing.

Thus the cycle of “my tragedy is worse than yours’ will continue.

Fucking hell people, has life really become so steeped in oneupmanship that there is not even a moment to feel for anything these days?

I really do lose faith in humanity more as each days goes past.