First World Poor, Third World Rich

Our world is truly quite impressive.

Staring out of the window in front of me I see people on their phones, in their cars, operating machines that I can’t even fathom and we take it all for granted.

Take the humble mobile phone for example, how on earth doe this thing actually dow act it does, do you know because I sure as hell don’t and yet people created this technical marvel, it’s quite impressive really.

I feel we take for too much for granted now.

Everything we have we feel we deserve, that it is our right to have, toxic entitlement I call it.

You, I and everyone doesn’t deserve a damn thing, not really.

In the first world countries we have it all so easy, so much so we can’t see how easy we have it.

There is no struggle to survive for some of us anymore and yet we will bitch and moan about how unfairly we’ve been treated because they forgot the add the cinnamon to our latte.

How pathetic.

Then for all the altruistic talk, benevolent bullshit about equality, fairness and anything else of that ilk there are perhaps 1 in every million that would give up everything they have to go and make a difference.

All the most touching messages come from those in the most comfortable positions.

Yet not one of the would give it all up and trade places of step down from their gilded cage, we live in the age of high status hypocrites, and I’m one of them.

This conflict of self is truly maddening.

I know I’m an amoral piece of shit, yet to give up what I’ve worked for and now have will never happen because like you, like everyone in our position, what’s mine is mine and why should I let it go?

Aha, my self loathing is amusing to me.

Then again, growing up first world poor and still being first world poor now I have more than a large amount of people in the world, how’s that for irony.

In another country I’d be seen as wealthy, and would I share in that wealth or give it all up?

Probably not, I wonder though, would you?