Still Addicted

Why is it people panic so much these days?

Trying to grasp any slither of time they can, much like an addict clawing at the floor for any remnants of last nights fix that might have fallen.

When did we become so, desperate…

Of course I do know why because I too have been that person, that addict.

At that time I’d have done just about anything for my fix, I literally mean anything, in fact I almost did.

The result of such a powerful thing is one that leaves a person detaching from a part of themselves because you know that even the slightest taste of it will have you relapse instantly.

Well now, there’s a thought.

If you could watch your life from a third person or gods eye view, I wonder what you’d see.

Heroes Story

The stories we grew up with, they taught us much
Heroic tales
Always in admiration
Always in awe as they overcame insurmountable odds
Then we grew up
Then we realised it’s the villains who triumph
Heroic tales
The stories we grew up with, they lied to us.


Find a penny
Then a second
Now you’ve got twice what you had before
Find ten more and each time you do it’s worth less than before
The whole is becoming bigger than any one of its parts
You still need those parts though
So don’t stop looking for them
Eyes open wide
Find a penny
Then a second….

F**K This

A true hero in a modern world
Ha, you fools
Those who shout the loudest are the most insecure
Clawing for any scrap of attention to fill the void in their soul
Worry not though
We’re all fucked in the head
Everyone is broken
The sooner you accept life is one big ball of “fuck this shit, I’m done”
The sooner you can grow up