Rejection at the Disco

If life was a disco, it’d be a high school one
Everyone awkwardly stood around
Not quite sure what to do
Building the courage to ask that one girl or guy to dance
Only to finally do it and be mercilessly rejected
All because that person would get roasted for dancing with you
All because they’re too scared of the judgement of their peers, their group
This is life’s party, fitting in
Fear keeps people in line, in their groups, separated
You could also call it ignorance too
At least the music is always classically and consistently bad at high school discos
And the punch often spiked
Yea, if life was a disco
it’s be a high school one

Mad Mad Mad

This world  enough to drive any sane person mad.

To see what some are allowed to get away with, how certain powers can play their cards in any order they like, it’s just not right, then again, what is right anymore.

I heard on the wind of two countries armed with nuclear capabilities are gearing up for war and what ran through my head was this; I hope we get caught in the crossfire first.

Truly I struggle to deal with the amount of bullshit surrounding me these days, so many likes, so much inconsistency and when you question it you’re the villain.

If god was real I’d pray for the rapture, for humanity to be reset and the garden of eden to flourish once again because we’ve become corrupt.

I’ve tried to take my own life twice now and intervention by others has ‘saved’ me both times, each day I grow more and more tired of everything.

I need to go, I have to keep moving, the longer I sit and think, sit and write the worse it gets.

I write to connivence my self to stay, to convince myself to let it all go, to try and regain sanity, whatever that is.


Lucid Lately

Such lucid dreams I’ve been having lately.

Not a single one comprised of any semblance or shred of memory.

All carry the same message though.

I’m about to bring my own world crashing down around me.

Self destruction at its finest.

Great, it’s just what I needed right at this moment in time.