The more time you spend doing what you truly want to do, the more detached you ┬ábecome and it’s wonderful.

Your life is yours to live, so why not live it as you choose?

So log as you’re not an axe wielding psychopath, well even then, I know a few people that are prime candidates for the chop so I can see the appeal of such a life too.


“Know thyself”

To see the vast expanse of what you are
Who you are
Why you are

It’s an interesting story because now you know and you can’t tell anyone what you know for if you do it’ll be gone.

I guess there is nothing more to do than sit, wait and see what happens.

Damn, just, damn.


It’s almost as if you were made for me
Put on this Earth, in this time, at this exact moment
Straight in the path of my life
All the while just far enough out of reach
The universe can be so cruel at times.