There has been a trauma of three in my life
Minor to some, to the grand scheme of life
One took my trust
One claimed my heart as payment
One broke my body
The next threatens to ruin my mind, the last thing I have
I pray you don’t end up down this road as well

All I got was a face full of mud & concussion

Last night I went for a walk
It was nice
Peaceful, quite and still
I found a really nice tree
Climbed it I did
Sat on a branch for a while
It was a strong branch
The rope was tied
Off I fell
Taut it went
Immediate bliss and euphoria
Hanging there all I did was wait
Patiently and content
It got darker and I started to slide
Towards the end of the branch
Snap it went
Face first in to the mud I fell
The back of my head the branch hit
Lay there I did
For hours it must have been
The sun began to rise
Second chances
I guess I shouldn’t waste life anymore

Accidental Third Wheel

Sat alone, peaceful and still
A pair sit near, of all the space they have to choose from
Why here?

They giggle
Flirt, fumble and fall over each others words
Not once taking their eyes off each other

I had forgotten this
The subtle moments
I had forgotten it all

I’m invisible to them they are locked in the others embrace
Quietly I can split away
Wishing they find what it is they don’t even know they’re looking for

Because believe it or not, they’ve just found it

Those two, they made me smile
It seems not all love is lost
Those two, they made me smile

Push it real good.

No one ever seems to believe you when you tell the truth, it’s quite ironic really.

I push people away because it’s easier than exposing them to the pathetic place I call my inner world, drowned in melancholy it isn’t any good for anyone, that is why I push.

Some would think it’s because I’m playing a mysterious and broody character to add n unknown element to the hunt, sadly I’m not that smart, just ad of how its all panned out in the end.

Now stop reading this drivel and get back to enjoying your time, 🙂


I know how hard it is for people to say
For some it’s harder than others
Even though it doesn’t make it any less true, it will always be less believable
Those that don’t have the face that fits
Well, they are always scorned
Only in a world such as ours can the unfortunate soul of misfortune be the one made to pay
True equality is only equal when it suits
Always remember, everyone is equal but some are more equal than others