Wind or Water

Last night it felt like I was flying
Or maybe it was falling through water
I couldn’t tell down from up
Was I fall upwards perhaps?

Eyes closed
The feeling embraced
Falling up or down, it didn’t stop
Nor did I want it to

Surrounded by nothing or something
Caught in the moment
For this feeling of falling.

Back in our day

Back in our day you didn’t throw out what was broken,
You worked at it until it was fixed.

Nobel words,
We’re not living in your time any more,
This is today, the one before tomorrow and the next.

Today we throw away what is broken,
Discard what is useless,
Avarice rules this world.

Throw away society,
Instant gratification,
More, more, more, more, MORE!
That is our battle cry, fear us you relic of the past.

Your time is over,
The day is ours,
The day is ours,
For now at least…..