Sunday & Sultry

Sitting in a coffee shop people watching and pondering the world.

What else do people do on a Sunday?

Funny how we are all much of a muchness, none here are really eye catching, perhaps that is why I enjoy this place, it is somewhere I can blend in to the background, peacefully, without angst, worry or irrational thought.

I can just be.

As the times passes I make eye smile at those who walk past, each of them don’t know where to look, so down is the common choice, out of everyone so far the only one to smile back was a young child in a push chair. It’s quite tragic how we lose our sense of wonder and awe as we age. In the end we’d rather keep to ourselves than reach out and engage with other.

Perhaps that’s why I like this place, not only for blending in to the background but also for being able to throw out a random smile just for the sake of seeing who is comfortable enough in themselves to smile back, which apart from the young and innocent is no one.

Occasionally people do stand out.

Those rare individuals that have colour in their cheeks, passion in their eyes and fire embedded deep in the heart, however those are few and far between.

Most wear monochromatic blues, greys and very often black, because black is sliming, apparently.

What ever happened to standing out?

Ah well, time to get up and move to a different coffee shop because what else do people do on a Sunday.