Idealists, ugh….

I’m not sure what it is about the optimistic, idealists of the world that irritates me so much.

Could it be their naivety to how the world really is?
The sickly sweet attitudes of smiles and everything is awesome?
It might be their complete lack of common sense.

Or maybe I wish deep down that I was that way.

After gaining more experience, knowledge and understanding as they days have passed my by, all that I can see is black or white, never any grey because in the end things come down to their final act and resolution which is often option A or option B. There is not an option C, the edge of the coin.

I suppose I have nothing to grumble about really, this is just unkempt apathy at place, probably from a repressed experience or emotion that was long ago buried and trying to surface, it will pass, the feeling always does.