Do you know?

Can you know what you don’t know?

Instead of not knowing is it just that you’re unaware that you know, or is it that you know you’re not ready to know, you know?

I wonder.,,,


The Voice in Your Head

“Is that me?”
….”Me I hear filled with dread and fear. The negative view to scorn and sear.”
“Is that they?”
….”They who, the infinite they, always they, because they say a lot don’t you know.”
“Is that you?”
….”You I hear whispering in my ear. Those sweet words I want so dear.”
“Of all the voices in my head, yours is my favourite, even though it’s not my own.”

Especially as it’s not my own.”

Hold on to it.

“Hold ont o your anger, hold on to your pain. All the time you do you’ll stay alive, you’ll survive. Once you let them go, that’s it, you give up. Isn’t it better to live with an internal world of complete and utter rage than to simply let it all go and return to the void.

Perhaps not much of a life, but at least you’ll still be alive that way.” – Unknown