To Lament

To lament that which we are rid of
After we chose it
Why do we succumb to such things?

Is it a fools passion
The hopeless cry of the romantic
Or the nature of the human condition?

One day no more will we worry, wonder or want
For that which was once lamented
Is now not even a memory

Replaced it has been by that which you again be rid of
Repeating your cycle evermore.


What is it that makes us human
Could it be the random acts of kindness
Or the faith we have in others
Maybe it’s all of those

Are we so hopelessly divine
That redemption is not needed
Our sacrifice unwarranted

Does magnanimity abhor
The altruistic acts

Allude us the answer does.

Kind People

The good people

Those who have the biggest hearts

Most caring attitude

Kindest souls

Are those who once lost everything and know what it truly means to grow.

We are not our possessions

Our status or even our glory

We’re capable of so much more, if we are but to try and be as such

Be kind, be good and fair, what ever they mean in this world now

For no other reason than this

Because you can

To Know & Throw

What is it to know

To feel, accept and long for

Is there anything after that which was or that which might be

The curse of the curious mind, always wanting more, never satisfied

A fools folly to be sure

Yet who wouldn’t want to have just one more cast of the dice

Another throw, a better throw, to achieve an outcome we can all live with

Must we relinquish ourselves to this fate or challenge it again and again in misplaced hope

To know we must again challenge it all, for just one more throw.