13 thoughts on “Fair Trade

    • Your assumption on my thought is misplaced my friend, for I truly care for no one other than myself.

      Yet in your view the words were of a collective minds creation, where as that couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • Precisely, your assertion is valid and not challenged, in anyway. Subjectivity is finite thus planting crumbs of a predisposition appealing to multitudes is an intelligible fog screen that weeds out true islanders. It is refreshing there is still hope in humanity. No praise intended.

      • Ah, hope. Now that is a fascinating thing, an idealistic notion for people to throw around when nothing will change, or perhaps something more.

      • Hope in the sense that there are possibilities yet explored outside the collective agreements that sacrifice individuality. The notion of hope is insubstantial baseless, figments created to soothe appetites. For a lack of better words that can express static potentials yet absorbed without the fixed buffers that repel such inquisition in this current era. Nothing always changes because it is empty. Notions never change because they are the clouds that encircle heads.

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