Guardian Angel

I came to realise a long time ago that I’m a hard person to be around, even harder to like and near impossible to love.

The reason why?

Being right all the god damn time.

Yet it never feels like it’s me who knows these ‘things’ many just come out of nowhere.

I know, what an egotistical prick to say such a thing, yet despite all hopes that certain t signs won’t go the way they will for people, regardless of the help you offer, the wisdom you share that has been cultivated from speaking to thousands of people far wiser than ones self for over two decades, people still never listen.

They just won’t do what I want, what they need to be doing so that they avoid the calamity that is approaching. It’s infuriating, frustrating, upsetting and tarnishes your faith in peoples ability to listen to reason.

It’s enough to send you mad.

What is it about reality that is so hard to grasp?

Gift, curse, fantasy or self told lie.

Whatever this thing is that seems to loom near me, whispering away about what is and what will be if things play out from the choice, I can say this much for it, annoyingly it has yet to be wrong and that is a scary thing to admit.