Identity Crisis

As youths we are told that we will come in to our own, grow in to who we’re meant to be, as it were.

This is a lovely notion and one that is actually quite true, with this growth brings confidence, strength, internal value and much more, however there is also a darker side to this, as with everything in this life of ours.

In establishing ‘who we are’ we expose ourselves to becoming corrupted, a darker or lesser version of that identity because we held on to it so tightly and refused to let it go so that we could grow even further.

Such a contradiction this life truly is.

We have to grow in to who we are, then continue to do so.

You will get some people who fight so desperately to hold on to an identity, they will even tell others to do the same, with warm alluring words such as ‘you’re perfect as you are’, while well intended this is in fact quite dangerous.

Perfection is not something we should strive for because there have been several species throughout history that some could argue achieved perfection. They became the ultimate killing machines, the ultimate survivors in harsh climates and much more, yet they couldn’t survive time.


Because time is not perfect, it’s beautifully fractured, as such it rarely yields the same moments twice. This is why those who experience what they claim to be the perfect whatever, fall in to a deep depression because they will never have it again, this is their suffering, their denial of that which has been lost, that which has died because it was simply too perfect to last.

This is what happens when people cling to their identity. Their perfect identity.

It will slowly rot away because once something, if something is perfect, then there is nothing left. There is no room for imagination, growth. No place left for a person to gain additional knowledge or abilities. Only disappearing from this world and being remember is what awaits those who achieve this.

Seek not to have everything as you want it, instead look for those opportunities to garner that which you still don’t have, cast off what is no longer useful, just let it go, floating away down the river. Reminisce of the good times, accept it can take you no further and for your new identity, until it’s time to let that go too.