George Orwell called it Big Brother

It’s not changed, it’s evolved

We call it Facebook

Tick Tock, it’s all you’ve got

Time, it’s all we have.
Right now, right this second, do you know what it is?
This is your time, you won’t get any more so use it wisely.
Worry less about the things that are not really important, you know what they are because you allow them to distract you from what truly matters.
Avoid the mindless minutia.
Focus on that which will benefit you, those who are important to you and never be afraid to say no to something that will waste your time.
After all, this is your time and you won’t get any more.


There was a moment

Only brief, but it was there

Upon releasing the penny from between my fingers

It remained there, before it fell

Still, as if captured in a photograph

For a brief moment time stopped

Nothing left to come, Nothing more to be left behind

For a brief moment

I forgot

For a brief moment

I was….




It’s clawing

Wrenching chunks of the wall free as it climbs

Closer and closer

It won’t be long now before it reaches the top

There is little more left to keep it down


Soon, the feeling of it breathing down my neck will no longer just be the wind

It’s coming

It’s almost here….