The Bible

Have you ever read the Bible?

The older one, not the new one (that one’s soft as shit). Got Damn!

God be killing people left right and centre and justifying it behind words of benevolence and doing it for the greater good etc. Pretty sure if a regular human does that they’d be considered psychotic, talk about divine privilege.

Just think of the response you get from asking where such a right came from. Could you imagine that conversation?

You – “Uhh, God. So, death, plague, famine, war & pestilence. Any reason for those?”

God – “Because I deem them necessary”

You – “Yea, cool, but is there really any need? Aren’t you meant to be about forgiveness and all that jazz?”

God – “My child it will all become clear when you bask in the light of heaven and reenter the Garden of Eden.”

You – “Since you mentioned it, about the whole being cast out of paradise for becoming aware thing, bit harsh wasn’t it?”

God – “It was for the greater good.”

You – “I can see we’re not going to get anywhere here are we.”

Or some iteration that might be similar, or you’d just be purged fro existence at the snap of its fingers, who knows.

Anyway, back to the good book. It’s pretty violent, we’re talking game of thrones times ten violent, for all the peace, love and goodness religion speaks of, almost off of their texts have a lot of ‘sacrifice’ in them.

Being of an ilk which might be knows as ‘heretic’ the search for knowledge and a simple understanding of truth often causes issues in this area because with enough reasons anything can be justified according to some and that is quite frightening.

It makes you wonder, if science hadn’t developed the way it had, what kind of world would a ‘religion only’ fuelled people have created?

A paradise or dystopia?

Much to ponder.