Perfectly Human

You claimed to live your life for others. Giving up your dreams, your path for someone else as you were all they had.

A beautiful lie you told yourself so many times that you actually believe it.

The truth though, that is something very different.

You didn’t stay for another, you stayed because you were scared of having nothing, of being nothing. It was easier to claim self sacrifice for another happiness then to face your own fragility.

This is why you hold on, spinning a web of lies as you steal time with your sins all while wearing a mask of altruism. It is this denial, this lie that causes the pain you can’t seem to run from.

To use others as the excuse for your lack of meaning, or the reason why you sacrificed your true purpose is nothing short of cowardice.

Worry not though, it doesn’t make you anything other than perfectly human.

2 thoughts on “Perfectly Human

  1. A very honest piece of writing! I really liked the message that you are trying to deliver, your talent really speaks for itself. Wow. I hope you could follow my blog and maybe you could be inspired as well.

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