4 to 1

Things that will generate likes on social media:

  • Half naked photos
  • Baby photos
  • Bullshit statuses about how the world needs to be more kind
  • Memes

Things that will get you lynched on social media:

  • The truth


Your addiction

It’s getting worse

Slowly taking over your life

More destructive than any opioid or classic drug

Yet you can’t see it, even though you’re staring at it right now

That which was meant to connect you, it’s cut you off

Dragged you to a world lustful need

A world of reliance where you will sacrifice your life to your new gods

Apple, Samsung and al the rest they are here for you

Your addiction

It’s getting worse

Wow, I’m really quite grumpy

I don’t know why it is that I find ultra positive people so irritating.

You know the kind, everything is sunshine and rainbows, everyone is working to be the best they can be, ugh, so arbitrary, a classic maxim of mediocrity.

Dear god, why so bitter, every thing seen through these eyes in a  negative shade and as much s I’d like to say it’s because of worldly experience and a hefty dose of realism, I think that truth be told I’m just a grumpy person.

Jaded by it all.

It’s for that exact reason anti-heroes, villains and others of a darker ilk have always been more appealing to me After all, who wants to play the good guy when the former is so much more fun.

Tick Tock, it’s all you’ve got

Time, it’s all we have.
Right now, right this second, do you know what it is?
This is your time, you won’t get any more so use it wisely.
Worry less about the things that are not really important, you know what they are because you allow them to distract you from what truly matters.
Avoid the mindless minutia.
Focus on that which will benefit you, those who are important to you and never be afraid to say no to something that will waste your time.
After all, this is your time and you won’t get any more.