The optimistic mind

Unblemished to the cynicism

Pray it stays for all your days

The optimistic mind


“Snap” &┬áJust like that, it was all over. Is it bad I want that power too.


“Please…. Don’t be gone.”

One line that hits you right in the feels.

Who said comics were just for kids.

Come with me and fall through the Shattered Grid….

Fade in to Darkness

I found something interesting out today.

The artist Avicii sadly passed away very recently, since then his social media accounts have gains in excess of 300k followers and counting.

Just goes to show how much people notice you when you’re around versus when you’re not.

Like a child with a toy, it only becomes of interest once it’s gone.

It’s sad that so many have jumped not he bandwagon of “He was great, I loved him” etc, even though they’d never been to any of his gigs, had none of his songs or really knew who he was.

We are indeed a fickle bunch.