Nameless human….

I too don’t know my name, it’s been long forgotten

It’s poetic that we should meet


Fight for your life



Why were you there?

The world, or at least a small part was frozen over, covered in the purest untouched snow you’d ever seen.

The rivers were frozen and the streets were clear.

Then, from out of nowhere, you appeared.


After being missing from thoughts, memories and dreams, for what reason did you decide to find your way in to mine now.

You even told the truth for once, perhaps puled by my subconscious, an apparition with a face that knew what ever was said would stick, so much so that the dreams image is a vivid now as when I was in it.

“You’re still dwelling on this? I’ve moved on, you should too.”

Very true words, yet I already thought that was the case, although it would explain those subtle little nuances without leaving me anywhere to hide, especially when faced with a simple truth.

I told myself I was over it, I suppose that was just a lie that I hoped that if repeated enough it would become reality, guess not.

Maybe that was it, my minds way of finally putting the last nail in the coffin.

It’s fair to say there is no feeling left, not a hint of tiny tingle like there was. 5 years on and maybe this time it’s really over.

We are strange creatures aren’t we.

Love your body

Be thankful for the body you have right now

Love it while it still loves you enough to keep going & fix itself

One day it won’t be so inclined to

One day it won’t be able to handle the strain

One day it will fail you, not because it wants to

Oh no

It will fail because it has no other choice

When that happens, you’re royally fucked

So look after it, respect it, love it and above all else, treat it as well as it currently treats you.


Given, or given the chance?

If you asked for patience, do you think you’d be granted more patience instantly or the chance to be patient?

Perhaps asking for strength, you become stronger or maybe you’d be given the chance to be strong?

The same is true for courage, you’re not given courage, you’re given the opportunity to be courageous.

In testing times when you ask for any of the above, or perhaps something else, rather than praying for more, why not see it as your chance to take the opportunity to gain what you’ve asked for, that way you’ll grow as a person, you might even become self reliant in the end, who knows what limits you could surpass if you were to take the chances offered to you.