The hive mind, is that what the modern people want to achieve?

I’m sure many would disagree, yet if you take a step back and really look at it, this is where things are going, perhaps this is the beginnings of the thought police, a terror from he future poor Winston knew all too well. Yet ironically in the end even he succumbed to his capture and loved them unconditionally.

It seems we are aloud thought in so much as we are allowed enough rope to hang ourselves.

Now don’t get me wrong, we can have an opinion, so long as everyone else deems it PC enough for today’s world.

Even comedians are censored, comedians for christ sake, the entire idea of them is to poke fun and things that we shouldn’t find funny, yet all secretly do, well, unless one is totally devoid of humanity.

Humanity, I wonder what that word even means any more, not the literary definition, we can easily find that. I’m talking about what it means to people now, where has the line been shifted to and what does it mean for us moving forwards?

So many questions, all of which are in the grand scheme of things quite pointless.

Even in writing this I only show you that I too am one of the cogs in the machine and I can’t even say I’m self aware because even that could just be a form of conditioning that I’m unaware I’ve been subjected to.

Perplexing doesn’t even come close to describing it.

One day it will all make sense.