Words of Ren

“Let the past die, kill it… if you have to. It’s the only way to become what you are meant to be.”

An interesting quote from a film that has people slit down the middle.

The Last Jedi, some loved it, others hated it. Personally I loved it because to me it’s about embracing change, finding a place, knowing there will always be a path to follow.

It’s understandable why many didn’t like it, they’re die hard fans of old and also those that don’t like or accept change willingly, and this is fine, however they seem to forget it’s just a story. Nothing more than the imaginary world someone created and as such it can be what ever people want it to be.

If you don’t like the new then stick with the old, it’s that simple. There is no need to get so butt hurt or a film, after all, it’s just a film.

I’ve always enjoyed the philosophical elements of Star Wars, or at least as I’ve grown older, as a kid it was all about lifting rocks and laser swords.

The concept of the Jedi, the Sith and everything in between, it’s fascinating.

If you think about it people rarely fall in to one category or the other.

I said to a friend a long time ago, life might be black and white, however peoples perspective will always be different shades of grey.

If you watch the film try to see the bigger picture, the deeper message of it all – balance, it’s about finding balance.

As for what the young Kylo-Ren had to say, that hit home because the only way to move forwards is to change and letting go of the past, even killing it if you have to, metaphorically speaking of course.

Give it some thought, you might learn something about yourself.

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