The Interim

Christmas day is over.

The remnants of festive treats, wrapping paper and those discarded presents are everywhere.

It’s truly strange how Christmas changes as you grow older and wiser.

You’ll find that if you are to post up a picture on perhaps Instagram or Facebook of your new possessions you’ll get untold amounts of likes. Yet if you were to do the same and swap the picture with some words about the world, or how we should be thinking about every one else in it, especially those less fortunate, you’d fall short on you ‘hit’ quota.

It’s those simple truths that show you what people really value above all else.


People value things, more than anything else. You’ll get some that disagree, obviously they want it to be known that they’re the exceptions, as such we should bow to their benevolence and swiftly move on because we don’t care.

Would you say ‘things’ are important to you?

Have you ever been disappointed with a present you’ve been given?

I used to be, as a much younger version of myself it was pari to say I was a little s hit who valued stuff over everything else. It was quite sad really.

While we need possessions to a certain degree to live what might be considered a normal life, there is a lot we can do without, it is in this that people have become confused because they’ve mixed up necessity with novelty.

A great many feel that they NEED novelty, especially in our first world countries. Yes, I live in the first world country as I’m sure you can surmise based not he fact you might be reading this through an one of humanities marvellous technological creations.

Even in my words there is hypocrisy.

While lessons of novelty and necessity have been learned over they years I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, no by choice and it is for that fact I see everything I have as a gift because if it weren’t for fates kindness I could easily have been living a very different life, or not living at all.

Keeping this in mind it makes you thankful, truly.

For to us this is normal life and we must never forget that. What is normal life to us – be that middle class, working class or even poor (by first world standards), is considered the finical pinnacle of another country, even royalty in some others because of what we have.

I for one don’t want to forget that, make no mistake though, I wouldn’t willingly give up my life, my comfort as it were, as I’m sure neither would you. This is why to me charity and things of that nature that preach the good message over Christmas annoy me, simply because we can all agree that if the option to bring people out of such dire living would be to swap places we wouldn’t do it. We wouldn’t give up our privileged lives.

Aha, why should we some will ask?

Because it’s the right thing to do others will say, yet it won’t really happen because we are creatures that want nothing more than what we want, base don what we have always had as a minimum. If you ave less than what you’ve always had you’re unhappy, if you have more you’re also unhappy because you want more.

What madness.

It’s funny that we will only help others if it doesn’t cause any major detriment to our lives.

Take a look at everything you’ve gotten in their festive time and remember, you don’t deserve any of it, you just happened to be born in the right place at the right time that’s given you the opportunity to live a life that’s far better than we need.

Quite the rambling today, most of it utter rubbish, yet it helps to get it out.

I will now go back to my life of novelty, as will you.