Moot at best

I find the concept of morality a moot point at best.


Because it’s used as a scape goat far too often, as with a lot of other things people bring in to arguments, all in all it seems that ‘logical fallacy’ seems to rule the roost, simply because when facts, logic and a lust for an objective answer don’t fit with the general consensus people will find any way they can to make it happen.

Take this for example – one person kills another. The fact: one person killed another.

Add some context and it can be either self defence or murder, one seen to be done for the greater good, the other an act of malevolence, the fact still remains, one person kills another, it’s our morality that deems which is acceptable.

Yet people wonder why things such as equality, fairness and divinity fail in our world.

Does this mean I wouldn’t like a world like that? Of course not, it would be a relative garden of eden, so to speak. However the fact is we couldn’t live in such a place, it’s just not in our nature and no amount of people being offended, liberal, neutral or any other modern term will change that. Sadly.

In this way I have yet to meet large groups of people that want the truth, regardless of how brutal it is.

Agree or disagree, I care not, because it is what it is.

People are good, bad, indifferent, they will fight for the cause THEY deem just, already making it a bias decision. To be truly neutral would mean to be uninvolved in life, don’t you ever wonder about those people who’ve achieved ‘enlightenment’ or claim to have opened their last chakra?

They often have one common trait, they don’t care for anything because to let go fully that’s how you achieve such a thing. There will be no peace in life, be it internally or globally so long as people want something, just cause or not.

Of course this is nothing more than a thought, one that will no doubt anger many and yet others will agree 100%, it is not right or wrong, it just is and that is the truth.

If seems that Owl-Man and the Comedian got it. Look them up, you’ll see what I mean.