A quick post on kettlebells.

I love kettlebells.
The end,
Okay there is a little more.
Kettlebells are all the gym you’ll ever need.
Did you know that some people truly detest training, they literally hate it.
It’s a means to an end and the thought of going to the gym several days a week just bores them.
Enter the Kettlebell.
A humble tool that will change your body composition with 7 simple movements, you could do it with as little as 1, however 7 will give you some variety.
They are:
– Swings (double, single, overhead)
– Snatch
– Clean & Jerk (or strict press or push press)
– Squat (goblet or single/double rack or overhead single/double)
– Renegade Row
– Windmill (or 2 hand anyhow for more advanced greviks)
– Get Up
Why these 7?
They will cover CV, Strength, Endurance, Mobility and above all else they’re fun.
You can pick one lift per training session or perhaps use 2 or three, it’s dealers choice.
A suggestion:
Warm up with swings each workout
Day 1 –
Clean & Jerk followed by Windmill followed by Overhead Squat (yep a combination to create a mini complex)
1 rep of each, repeat for 30min
Day 2 –
Snatch – 15 rep arm OMEM 20min
Get up – 1 each arm repeat for 20min
Day 3 –
Clean & Jerk – 4 blocks of 5min (no putting the bells down int he 5min blocks) – rest 2.5min
Renegade Row – 50 reps per arm
We haven’t even looked at one of my favourite complexes either –
Use 2 kettlebells, 5 reps of each exercise:
– Swings
– Snatches
– Clean
– Squat
– Press
– Renegade Row
– Rest & repeat
Do either 5-10 rounds or a 30min solid block of AMRAP – rest as needed.
If you have an array of kettlebells, say 3 pairs – 16/24/32kg, you’ll have more than enough to completely change your body.
Honestly, kettlebells are the best.


This is a fight you cannot win,

Your spirit is weak, drenched in sin,

For all you benevolent trials

You saw fit to defile.

Now we stand at the precipice,

Your arrow once true will now surely miss,

Mine was forged in constant struggle,

Cruelty, kindness, mercy all became muddled.

Come my friend and dance with me,

Sword to sword and you’ll see,

What you sought was always there,

But now she’s mine because you forgot to care.

Then we die

We sit and wait

Soon it will be the perfect time to do what we’ve always dreamed of

Any day now

The years go by

People repeat the above

Then we die

That is the story of our dream, it was just that, a dream.


If I….

If I was to die

Then look back at my life

I’d see it’s filled with more truth than lies,

There were times of strife

All of which came to an end

In the end it was me alone, no home, no family, no wife,

So much damage I’ve done never to mend

One day I hope they’d forgive me

Such is the failings of a mind that was never made to bend,

One day I hope they’ll see

It wasn’t all for naught

I tried the best I could in every failing and every glee,

For there was love in every lesson I taught

And always you in my every single thought.