Love stories no more

What happened to love stories?

The classic ones that has the first act of mutual distaste for one another, followed by the second with lead clumsy fumbling & unintentional flirting with that ever heart catching ‘eyes meet, face to face, close enough to kiss’ before they pull away, only to kiss not long after and leave the audience in cheer and glee.

The electricity, do you remember what that spark feels like?

I can.

Then we had the third act of struggle and strife where the shit hits the fan and all seems lost before the final 4th act where it all comes together and ‘true love’ shines through, thus leaving our protagonists to live happily ever after?

What happened to those stories?

They made people feel good and gave them some kind of hope that one day it might happen to them.

These days people have demanding things become so PC that a classic romance is now seen as something sordid and depreciative. Come on people, it’s a romance, it’s mean to make you feel good and escape reality, to fill you with hope, not bog you down with modern problems of a socially bias nature.

It doesn’t matter which person is in which role, a guy falling for a girl int he classic way or a girl falling for a guy where she takes the lead, it doesn’t matter, what matter is the story and what we get from it, a sense of hope that one day we might have that.

Too often people want absolute control over everything, for it all to fit a certain and now ‘accepted’ way of life.

Think back to the days where you could go up to someone in a coffee shop and ask them for their number or to go on a date, what magical times they were. You do that now and you’ll be caused of sexual harassment or told they don’t need you to validate them, what utter tripe.

People have lost the ability to take a compliment these days.

It’s sad, many have also lost that which makes love so special – letting go and taking a chance.

I guess in the modern age we don’t have time for love stories any more.