I miss the days

I miss when times were simple

I miss when the world made sense

I miss when we could all be honest

I miss when we could be all we are, and all safe in everything we are not

I miss the days I never knew I’d miss

A quick post on kettlebells.

I love kettlebells.
The end,
Okay there is a little more.
Kettlebells are all the gym you’ll ever need.
Did you know that some people truly detest training, they literally hate it.
It’s a means to an end and the thought of going to the gym several days a week just bores them.
Enter the Kettlebell.
A humble tool that will change your body composition with 7 simple movements, you could do it with as little as 1, however 7 will give you some variety.
They are:
– Swings (double, single, overhead)
– Snatch
– Clean & Jerk (or strict press or push press)
– Squat (goblet or single/double rack or overhead single/double)
– Renegade Row
– Windmill (or 2 hand anyhow for more advanced greviks)
– Get Up
Why these 7?
They will cover CV, Strength, Endurance, Mobility and above all else they’re fun.
You can pick one lift per training session or perhaps use 2 or three, it’s dealers choice.
A suggestion:
Warm up with swings each workout
Day 1 –
Clean & Jerk followed by Windmill followed by Overhead Squat (yep a combination to create a mini complex)
1 rep of each, repeat for 30min
Day 2 –
Snatch – 15 rep arm OMEM 20min
Get up – 1 each arm repeat for 20min
Day 3 –
Clean & Jerk – 4 blocks of 5min (no putting the bells down int he 5min blocks) – rest 2.5min
Renegade Row – 50 reps per arm
We haven’t even looked at one of my favourite complexes either –
Use 2 kettlebells, 5 reps of each exercise:
– Swings
– Snatches
– Clean
– Squat
– Press
– Renegade Row
– Rest & repeat
Do either 5-10 rounds or a 30min solid block of AMRAP – rest as needed.
If you have an array of kettlebells, say 3 pairs – 16/24/32kg, you’ll have more than enough to completely change your body.
Honestly, kettlebells are the best.