Lair Liar

Lies, deceit and other such things are common practice, and as you know many will say that this is wrong, yet I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t lied to further their own agenda or preserve an image.

Funny, is it not?

You shouldn’t lie, yet it’s okay to lie if your intentions are noble.

What absolute tripe.

We are so flawed to believe our own magnanimity, delusion is more prevalent than we’d care to admit.

This world is maddening, it truly is.

The hypocrisy, it’s everywhere and no matter where you look you will find cracks in the stories, tears in the fibres of peoples beings for honestly is never the best policy and people will only reveal all once it’s already been found out. Usually in a last ditch attempt to atone, regardless of if it’s too late.

I was honest once, truly.

It was at the crux of a situation and caused my world to implode at an alarming rate because such honesty was seen as madness.

A hefty lesson was learnt.

As such I have no problems with saying that you my friend are a liar, be it for a nobel and just cause or not, you’re still a liar, it is because of this we corrupt ourselves, our lives, our happiness.

We destroy ourselves with our lies, yet we will even lie about the truth in that.