I’m ignorant beyond belief

What is the meaning of life?

A typical question that is subject to an infinite amount of answers due to a persons individual perception, values and beliefs.

Yet in the end, what does it matter, really?

Given the state of the world and what some people believe there is chaos everywhere, most of use are just lucky enough never to be exposed to it, not really.

We are given small glimpses, small tastes of it, however if we were to become full submersed in what actually is ‘our world’ I think we’d all go mad.

We’d begin asking questions such as “What is truth?” because when people have their own conception of their own version of it, it can make us question our own because who is really right.

We can only base right, wrong and anything else on our own values, beliefs, morals and perceptions, and in that way potentially remain chained down by something that isn’t even there.

Did you know that in some first world countries it’s illegal to live off the grid, to feed for yourself because someone said so. Someone declared that because you no longer provide them with money int he form of taxes and have stepped away form conformity and social norm that you’re now no longer worthy of fair and equal treatment, yet have you really done anything wrong?

Who decides what is and what isn’t?

Even now as I write this I’m doing so on a fancy lap top, in an equally pretentious coffee shop, obviously to what is beyond my knowledge and comprehension and yet knowing this changes nothing because like many I’m just caught in the machine of modern life, a free slave as it were.

It’s sadly funny that even when we know, we don’t care, not really.

We say enough of the right things to make it seem like we care, when in reality we’re just happy milling along unaware of what we don’t know because it’s always easier to live in ignorance. Many would disagree, however as you might be able to tell, I don’t give a shit.

My life is just a series of tasks to pass the time until I die.

Which is all anyones life is really.