What I didn’t say

Mia, she was right in what she said.

“You don’t want to be happy, you push everyone away. You won’t let yourself love or be loved. You could have had it all, I’d of given it to you.”

What I never said was the words that probably needed to be spoken.

It’s true, I could have it all, I would be happy, I should allow myself to love them and in return they’d love me too. 

The only problem with having everything is that then you have everything to lose.

I’ve had it all once before and know what it feels like to lose it, it’s because of this I never said these words to anyone…

I don’t ever want to feel that loss again, it was too painful and to go through it again would break me in two. 

Maybe if she’d have heard that she’d have unserstood, maybe not. Either way it doesn’t matter now, the chance for that passed years ago.

Now that’s out of my mind it’s time to carry on moving forwards.