Social Inept Media

Considering we live in a world where everyone is connected 24/7, it amazes me that people freak out if you speak to them physically.

Anxiety is through the roof because of our addiction to this technological terror that we’ve created. It’s almost like people have forgotten how to interact and be around other people.

So many are too comfortable behind the protection of their screens because if something they don’t like is present they can simple block it and pretend it’s not there, that’s not healthy. I’m all for ignoring people being ass-hats however to ignore everything that you disagree with or that ‘offends’ you is just going to make you soft and weak.

I’ve seen people forget sometimes that they’re not behind a screen when they’ve said certain things and gotten a smack in the chops for their troubles. The look of shock on their face always amuses me because of the literal hit of reality. Now it’s true no one should have to be subjected to violence, however if they instigate it, then more fool them.

Personally I’d much rather sit and speak with someone, even if that someone was a person I had conflict with because you can see the measure of a person when you’re face to face, where as behind a screen, you can’t tell shit.

Our lack of people skills is effecting everything; work, play, love, life….

Social media is making us socially inept.

What a world to live in.


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