Not so unique

We like to think we’re unique

One of a kind

No one else is like us, not one little bit

It’s not true

We’re one of 7 billion

Not the only one in 7 billion

We’re not so unique


Give in

Being normal is overrated

Why try to fit in when you’ll never be good enough anyway

It’s better to embrace the fuck up that you are then try to be a fuck up that your not

Embrace your flaws

Submerse yourself in your vices

Give in to your desires and lust

For god sake live

Approval of idiots

Why is it you try to impress those who idiots

To seek the approval of the meaningless

Only to ignore those who we actually mean something

What do you hope to achieve?

Do you want to be an idiot too?

Playground rules & opinions of the cool kids don’t count for shit in the real world

Remember that.

Like water

To be formless


Like water

That’s the goal of people it would seem

Yet not in the sense of achieving clarity

Or even a philosophy

It’s just the safest way to not offend the weaklings these days.

Wow, Subtle.

Reflection is a trait I’ve aimed to acquire of these long years on this earth and I’d say I’m some what successful in they endeavour because I know when to let things go now, more so than I ever did before.

Yesterday while walking I was lost in thought as I often am, then out of the corner or my eye, in a space I’d never normally see there was one person acting odd, their behaviours didn’t match those around them, if it hadn’t been for their acting like a total weirdo I would;t have noticed them.

Ironically once I say who this person was it was clear that they were trying their hardest not to be seen by one person specifically, me.

Safe to say they failed in that.

This got me thinking, why make such a scene, if they’d have kept walking I’d of been none the wiser and continued being quite content i my own world of thought, but no, my attention had to caught. I’m sure this would be denied, however if they had just followed the crowd I wouldn’t have seen them.

Foolish child.

I was thinking last night while training, why do people do what they do, not in the sense of meaning or purpose but why do they perform the gestures, the body language, the movements and actions they think are one thing when in reality they’re the complete opposite. Is this the old theory of ‘if nothing is said the body will talk’ or am I reading in to this too much, such is the curse of a person who has learnt to become a theorist

Either way it doesn’t matter, the thoughts will be just as fleeting, as everything else.

Take some time today and watch for these little scenes that are out of place, I guarantee you’ll witness some fascinating things.