The Feeling was…

That feeling

I worked it out

It’s jealousy

I’m jealous

Jealous of all the things I’ve never had

Jealous of all the opportunities others are given and waste

Jealous of all people who will never know how lucky they are

What an ugly feeling

What a waste of energy it is

Especially when I have so much that others don’t

Modern world has poisoned my soul

Blurred my vision

I have no right tot  be jealous because there are people whose off than me

Jealously is the ultimate disgrace, the ultimate form of ignorance

Never become jealous, never become a man like me

This feeling

What is this feeling?







What is it?

Everyday it’s there, int he pit of my stomach


It’s a flame yearns to be quenched but by what

Why do I not have the answer

Why can’t I win this fight…

Never be

You may never be what you want to be

Always held back, never progressing

You must forgo your sought glory

Unless you’re willing to make the sacrifice you shouldn’t be obsessing

Accept that fact, you may never be what you want to be


Young warrior

With weapon in hand and enemy in sight

How will you vanquish your foe?

With a single stroke of multiple strikes

Or will you crush their moral by getting more likes

Keyboard warrior, show me your might

Keyboard warrior, it’s time to fight


What makes you fall

The eyes, the smile, the laugh or nothing aesthetic at all

Perhaps it’s the mind, the nauances, the moments they let you in

It’s such a simple game yet no one ever really seems to win.