Technologically Sick

As far as things go, in terms of culture and people, apparently we are now more depressed, anxious, unhappy and mentally unstable than ever before.


Is it because we are more aware and connected than ever before?

Is technology making us sick?

Perhaps it has already made us sick.

It seems the more we learn, the worse we become. Everything needs to have a label and while there are those who genuinely are in bad places, a great many simply latch on to those labels for attention.

To say “I’m so depressed” is so common place that it has almost lost its impact.

Worse is when people say “I’m mentally broken”…

Mentally broken, for someone to say that just shows how little they know and understand because if they were in such a place they wouldn’t be telling everyone about it, they wouldn’t be able to. They’ve just heard something that generates the desired effect the want on social media.

Sadly it seems that illnesses, especially those that affect the mind are now nothing more than buzz words and that is truly sad.

What is happening to the world?


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