Faces of old

The past will often find you

Faces of old

Choices made long ago and their consequence

Friends, family, they all come back around

Those you once let go now need to know why you did it

It’s time to move forward.

Life in a nutshell

You find something that’s good, better than the nothing you had

You enjoy it for a while

You eventually get greedy

You want more, better than what you have

You what you have as the result

You end up once again looking for more than the nothing you have


It’s here.

People have gone soft.

Modern society is more concerned with not offending people than it is with progressing as a culture.

“You can’t say that, I’m offended.”

Who cares if you get offended?

There are more pressing matters then the fact that not acknowledging you as a unicorn offends you.

I heard a grandfather say to his daughter the other day “War is coming.” and her response was typical “Stop the scare mongering Dad, we’ll be fine here, nothing will happen.” the reposes from her little girl though… no older than 11 or 12 showed how the innocence of youth when provided basic knowledge and understanding can cut through a lot of bull shit.

What did she say?

“No grandad, it’s already here.”

Heart breaking and scary that a parent is more naive than a child.

The world is filled with good and bad people, it always has been, it always will be and something else that has echoed through history is that to stop a monster you often end up having to become one yourself, continuing the cycle of hate breeding hate.

When will we ever learn.

Super Power

“What super power would you have?”


I want speed

I must be faster

I must go Faster


If I keep running

If I keep going

Soon I will be alone and no one will be able to get close ever again.